BUNKER (“Ibu Pintar Pilih Obat Kontrasepsi untuk Keluarga Berencana” or “Smart Mothers Choosing Contraception for Family Planning”)

The theme of the social project was “BUNKER”, a short for “Ibu Pintar Pilih Obat Kontrasepsi untuk Keluarga Berencana” (Smart Mothers Choosing Contraception for Family Planning). The project was attended by 27 women in Kaponan Village, Pakis District, Magelang Regency. Activities included in the project were educational presentation, discussion, mini game, pre and post test questions and educational booklet distribution. The educational booklets were distributed to the village’s representative members of PKK/Pemberdayaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga (Empowerment of Family Welfare) team.

The educational presentation firstly talked about general information of the family planning program, called “Keluarga Berencana (KB)” in Indonesia, including the objectives, benefits, and targets of the KB program. This topic was expected to increase the audience’s knowledge and awareness of the importance of implementing the KB program. The next topic of the presentation was about the guideline in choosing appropriate contraception methods from various available options. The audience was also advised to consult with healthcare professionals before deciding on the contraception method. The last part of the presentation was focused on oral contraceptives, including the types (single or combination pills), the correct way to consume the pills and how to be cautious in handling the possible side effects that may arise. The presentation also addressed some of the widespread myths known by the general public about adverse effects of using oral contraceptives and explained the facts to counter those false myths.

Discussion session allowed the audience to ask questions to the presenter for more detailed explanation on the topic and was also utilized by the presenter to test the audience’s comprehension about the explained topic. Mini game session was also conducted using music and balloon to be passed around the audience. The participant who held the balloon when music stopped was given the chance to answer the question related to the topic. Participants with correct answers, participants who scored the highest in the post test, and other participants who were active in the previous discussion session were then rewarded with gifts as a token of appreciation. Overall, the audience showed great enthusiasm and active engagement throughout the activity.

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