The industrial revolution has brought major changes in various fields, including the health sector. Opportunities and challenges in the health sector require expertise from health professionals with cutting-edge knowledge. The development of social pharmacy science, including the field of pharmacy management, is rapidly evolving globally and supported by the demand for Master’s graduates who are specifically competent in the field of pharmacy management to occupy positions in various pharmaceutical work areas. The Magister of Pharmacy Management (MPM) Study Program is a strategic step to address the scientific developments in the field of pharmacy management and meet graduate needs based on competencies required within this field. Graduates from the MPM study program can also pursue doctoral studies related to similar fields at universities both domestically and internationally.

MPM UGM is designed to train exceptional graduates who thrive in pharmacy management, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary for success. The program focuses on developing managerial expertise across government, industry, and health service settings while also fostering interdisciplinary collaboration with related fields of science. Graduates will dedicate their professional knowledge to pharmaceutical services guided by moral and ethical principles. They will cultivate a spirit of leadership and teamwork within integrated healthcare systems, applying scientific reasoning to address national and global community challenges. Additionally, they’ll be well-prepared for further study in this dynamic field.

MPM UGM collaborates with international partners for various initiatives, including guest lectures, short training, and collaborative research. MPM also builds strong connections with its alumni through meaningful engagements, support, learning initiatives, and expanding professional networks. MPM UGM aims to train highly skilled graduates in the field of pharmacy management.

Head of the Master in Pharmacy Management
Dr. apt. Dwi Endarti, M.Sc.