Module Handbook


Course Code Course Name
Semester I
FAMF211101 Research Design and Analysis of Social Pharmacy
FAMF211102 Scientific Writing and Publishing
FAMF211103 Law – Ethics and Regulation in Pharmacy
FAMF211104 Management and Organizational Behavior
FAMF211105 Financial Management in Pharmacy
FAMF211106 Marketing Management in Pharmacy
FAMF211107 Information System of Pharmacy Management and Health
FAMF211108 Health Financing Management
FAMF211109 Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics
Semester II
FAMF211201 Strategic Management in Pharmaceutical Organizations
FAMF211202 Internship/Project-based Learning
FAMF211203 Thesis I
Semester III and IV
FAMF211301 Thesis II
Thesis Related Courses
FAMF211204 Pharmaceutical Care System in Health Facilities
FAMF211205 Pharmaceutical Control and Development Management in Hospital
FAMF211206 Management System of Drug Supply in Hospital
FAMF211207 Drug Use Study
FAMF211208 Drug Distribution Management
FAMF211209 Social Aspect – Drug Use Behavior
FAMF211210 Pharmacy and Health Policy
FAMF211211 Health Promotion in Public Health Pharmacy
FAMF211212 Operation Management
FAMF211213 Production Management and Quality Assurance
FAMF211214 Development of Pharmaceutical Industry Management
FAMF211215 Production Planning and Inventory Control
Elective Course
FAMF211216 Microeconomics
FAMF211217 Pharmacoeconomics Modeling
FAMF211218 Evidence-Based Medicine
FAMF211219 Drug Safety for Public Health
FAMF211220 Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
FAMF211221 Big Data in Healthcare
FAMF211222 Global Regulatory Affairs
FAMF211223 Human Resources Management