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Expert Lecture

Learning National Scale Drug Distribution Management

from Upstream to Downstream

The Master of Pharmacy Management Study Program at Universitas Gadjah Mada hosted an expert lecture on Saturday, April 27th, 2024. The session was led by Dr. Dra. apt. Agusdini Banun Saptaningsih, MARS, the current Director of Pharmaceutical Management and Services at the Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia, who previously held position as Director of Pharmaceutical Production and Distribution and briefly served as Secretary of the Directorate General of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices. Her background also includes practice as a Pharmacist at Dharmais Cancer Hospital, a National Cancer Center, and consulting on the development of several private hospitals across Indonesia. This board of experience brought her as a suitable expert lecture regarding national scale of drug distribution management from policymaker to practitioners in healthcare facilities. read more

Expert Lecture

Development Management of Pharmaceutical Industry – an Expert Lecture

“Contribution of the Pharmaceutical Industry in the JKN Era”

An expert lecture on the Master of Pharmacy Management study program at Universitas Gadjah Mada was held on Saturday, April 27th, 2024, with the theme of cost savings in the Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industry. This expert lecture presented Drs. apt. Pre Agusta Siswantoro, MBA as Independent Commissioner of PT. Enseval Putra Megatrading. Before serving as Independent Commissioner of PT. Enseval, he was served as Kalbe’s External Relations Consultant and served as Manufacturing Director of Kalbe (pharma division) and Manufacturing Director of PT. Bintang Toedjoe. He also served as Chairman of Hisfardis (Association of Pharmaceutical Distribution) and deputy chairman of the IAI Central Management. Currently he is still appointed as the Jury of “Indonesia’s Innovation” organized by BIC and KNRT. Based on his experience, in this expert lecturer study, the students have the opportunity to explore knowledge comprehensively, especially regarding the development management of the pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia. read more

GMIF Scholarship

The Gadjah Mada International Fellowship (GMIF) Degree Program stands as a beacon of educational opportunity, extended by Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) to international students seeking to pursue a Master’s degree. With a special emphasis on candidates from the ASEAN region (excluding Indonesia) and Global South Countries, this scholarship program aims to empower individuals with outstanding academic
achievements to excel in their chosen fields of study.

Through the pursuit of Master’s degrees in relevant fields, GMIF participants not only enhance their own knowledge and skills but also lay the foundation for progress and development within their home countries. With a vision for a brighter future built upon the pillars of education and innovation, GMIF nurtures the next generation of leaders who will drive positive change and create impact on a global scale. read more

BUNKER (“Ibu Pintar Pilih Obat Kontrasepsi untuk Keluarga Berencana” or “Smart Mothers Choosing Contraception for Family Planning”)

The theme of the social project was “BUNKER”, a short for “Ibu Pintar Pilih Obat Kontrasepsi untuk Keluarga Berencana” (Smart Mothers Choosing Contraception for Family Planning). The project was attended by 27 women in Kaponan Village, Pakis District, Magelang Regency. Activities included in the project were educational presentation, discussion, mini game, pre and post test questions and educational booklet distribution. The educational booklets were distributed to the village’s representative members of PKK/Pemberdayaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga (Empowerment of Family Welfare) team. read more

MISI PILOT (“Ibu Hamil dan Menyusui Aman Pilih Obat” or “Safe Medicine Selection for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers”)

On February 24, 2024, the Community Service Program was conducted by the Magister of Pharmacy Management UGM (MMF 2023) in Kaponan Village, Pakis District, Magelang Regency. One of the initiatives undertaken was providing education through counselling sessions to village residents, particularly women, regarding the safe use of medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This program was aptly named “Safe Medicine Selection for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers” or “MISI PILOT”. The aim of this activity was to ensuring the safety of drug usage for pregnant and breastfeeding women concerning the impact on the baby. The event commenced at 8:00 AM in the morning and concluded at 11:30 AM in the afternoon, taking place in the Kaponan Village Head Office Hall. read more

CLEAR (“Cara Lengkap Atasi dan Edukasi Acne Pada Remaja” or “Comprehensive Approach to Address and Educate Acne in Adolescents”)

On Saturday, February 24, 2024, the community service event titled “CLEAR: Comprehensive Approach to Address and Educate Acne in Adolescents” took place at SMPN 1 Pakis, Magelang Regency. The theme was chosen considering the prevalence of adolescents facing acne issues as they enter puberty, yet lacking understanding of the formation process and remedies.

The event was conducted through a presentation aided by PowerPoint slides containing light materials for easy comprehension. Speakers adopted an interactive approach, allowing participants to engage in direct discussions whenever clarification was needed. To maintain participants’ focus, videos illustrating the acne formation process were shown amidst the presentation. read more

BAZAR (“Bahaya NAPZA dan Pencegahannya Pada Remaja” or “The Danger of Narcotics, Psychotropics, and Addictive Substances (NAPZA) and Prevention for Teenagers”)

On Saturday, February 24, 2024, a community service activity was held at SMA Islam Sudirman Pakis, Keponan Village, Pakis District, Magelang Regency with the theme “BAZAR: The Danger of Narcotics, Psychotropics, and Addictive Substances (NAPZA) and Prevention for Teenagers.” The purpose of this activity was to provide knowledge to the current generation of teenagers so that they understand the dangers of NAPZA and actively participate in avoiding and eradicating NAPZA, thus improving the quality of Indonesian Human Resources in the future. read more

ACIAP (“Apoteker Cilik Aktif dan Pintar” or “Active and Smart Little Pharmacist”)

Community service activity entitled “ACIAP” (Apoteker Cilik Aktif dan Pintar) in Kaponan Village, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. This activity will be held on February 24, 2024. Before delivering the materials about pharmacists to children, they will do a pre-test first. ACIAP is a community service activity that focuses on introducing Pharmacists and where pharmaceutical practice works. This activity also introduced children to the classification of preparations of attractively packaged medicine as well as how to use it and the introduction of the drug logo. At the time of delivering the material, children who actively answer will get stickers and those who collect the most stickers will get prizes at the end of this activity. This activity is also with “Board Game”, children will be divided into two teams Team A and Team B. Each team determines the leader as the first person and determines the color of the pion and card pack chosen. Each team member’s task is picking up cards at random, and then answering each question, if the answer is correct then the team can put one pion in the game area. The team that can first position three consecutive pions both vertically, horizontally, and obliquely will be the winner. read more

JAMKU (“Jadwal Minum Obatku” or “My Medicine Taking Schedule”)

This community service activity is entitled “JAMKU: My Medicine Taking Schedule. Education on Medication Reminder Tools for the Elderly was carried out using lectures, demonstrations, and closed with a free health check activity. The activity was held on Saturday 24 February 2024 in Kaponan Village, Pakis District, Magelang Regency. Community service activities have targets, namely pre-elderly to elderly people. The series of activities that we designed were based on an analysis of the factors of non-adherence in taking medication which often occurs in the pre-elderly and elderly, namely forgetting to take medication. So, the activities we carry out aim to help people know how to take medication correctly and regularly on time. read more

MAS BeJo (“Menuju Anak Sehat, Berbakat dan Juara” or “Towards Healthy, Talented, and Champion Children”)

On February 24, 2024, a community service activity titled “Mas Bejo,” which stands for “Towards Healthy, Talented, and Champion Children,” was held in Kaponan Village, Pakis Magelang, at SD MI Yaspi Kaponan. The participants were fifth-grade students from the local primary school. The program comprised various activities including pre-tests, presentations using PowerPoint and videos, games and quizzes, and post-tests. The educational content focused on promoting healthy snacks awareness among the students. read more