CLEAR (“Cara Lengkap Atasi dan Edukasi Acne Pada Remaja” or “Comprehensive Approach to Address and Educate Acne in Adolescents”)

On Saturday, February 24, 2024, the community service event titled “CLEAR: Comprehensive Approach to Address and Educate Acne in Adolescents” took place at SMPN 1 Pakis, Magelang Regency. The theme was chosen considering the prevalence of adolescents facing acne issues as they enter puberty, yet lacking understanding of the formation process and remedies.

The event was conducted through a presentation aided by PowerPoint slides containing light materials for easy comprehension. Speakers adopted an interactive approach, allowing participants to engage in direct discussions whenever clarification was needed. To maintain participants’ focus, videos illustrating the acne formation process were shown amidst the presentation.

In addition to the presentations, pre-tests and post-tests were administered to gauge students’ understanding before and after receiving the acne education material. Furthermore, a group-based game titled “Ranking 1 in Groups” was organized, pitting teams against each other to answer questions related to the presented material. The success of the community service was evident through the improvement in post-test scores achieved by every student, along with the active participation of over 60 students throughout the event. Hopefully, this initiative will prove beneficial for the participants in theĀ timesĀ ahead.

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