SELAMAT (“Senam Lansia Bersama Apoteker Hebat” or “Elderly Exercise with Great Pharmacists”)

Community Service Activity in Kaponan Village, Pakis Subdistrict, Magelang Regency, with the theme “SELAMAT” (“Senam Lansia Bersama Apoteker Hebat” or “Elderly Exercise with Great Pharmacists”), held on February 24, 2024, targeting elderly individuals aged > 45 years. The number of participants present was 29 people, with a series of activities consisting of group exercises between MMF students and elderly residents of Kaponan Village. MMF students displayed an exercise video on the projector screen, demonstrated the movements, and then the elderly participants followed each instructed motion.

The exercise commenced at 09:00 AM (WIB), focusing on movements targeting the bones and joints, with a duration of 20 minutes. It is expected that this exercise will enhance the strength and flexibility of joints and muscles, as well as help reduce the risk of injuries in the elderly. The exercise movements are also anticipated to aid in improving blood circulation and boosting the participants’ mood. The exercise was conducted with enthusiasm, accompanied by a slow-paced musical rhythm, allowing all participants to follow attentively and experience the benefits of each movement.

When the exercise session concluded around 09:20 AM, participants were given time to rest, followed by a question-and-answer session about the benefits and conditions of the participants after participating in the exercise. Participants felt more energized and expressed a desire for the exercise activities to continue in the future. The next activity involved the distribution of door prizes to the lucky participants.